Archealogical discovery: Blow me down - yesterday I passed by some kind of rusty metal sign imprinted with the old Prognosis Weekly logo (designed by Doug?). How interesting. This was in a back street up in Prague 6 not far off Evropska. It's mounted to a wire fence much like a street sign would be and seems to have been installed there for the ages. Ah, the optimism of those early 90s.

(nb: I am actually in the middle of reading the novel Prague right now. Judgment reserved but am currently liking it.)

The Prognosis part is still plainly legible, but the Weekly has been reduced to something like We    y. There is an old anarchist sticker on it gradually crumbling away.

It occurred to me that somebody might want this rusty relic for the Prognosis museum when it opens in the indeterminate future. What say you?

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