What a beautiful day. Perfect for a spin on a bike. I love the sport of cycling, and for someone who follows it as much as I do (used to much more), I cycle pathetically little. How lame of me.

The Tour de France was a good story this year of course. I do find Armstrong to be a bit coldly professional, but you have to overlook that. You do not have to, as do the French and many other Euros, assume automatically that he must be using drugs now because before cancer Armstrong was a good but not great Tour rider. For years they've refused to accept that the experience of facing death at 25, going right to the edge and looking over and then willfully fighting back might have something to do with it. 

Here's a good New Yorker profile of Armstrong from a couple of years ago.

In case you haven't heard the man himself will be spinning around Vaclavske namesti Friday in an afternoon of criterium racing. Youth categories start at 3:30, the big boys' race starts at 6.

And did you know one of Armstrong's teammates (one of the mules that helps him win the high profile races like the Tour) is the Czech rider Pavel Padrnos?

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