BBC NEWS | Americas | Nixon mulled Vietnam exit in 1972: "'If we settle it, say, this October, by January '74 no-one will give a damn,' Mr Kissinger said."

Instead, by August, 1974, Tricky Dick was waving goodbye from the White House lawn. I sure remember that. Sitting on my grandmother's living room floor watching the President resign live on TV. My grandmother in muted shock - she'd hoped the whole thing was somehow a big misunderstanding.

Nixon is remembered for Watergate, not so much Vietnam. Why is that? Everybody now knows (or should) that he and Kissinger conspired in 1968 to convince the North Vietnamese to hold out on settling with Johnson in the Paris talks on the promise that Nixon would get them a better deal if elected.

The US eventually withdrew under the same terms on offer in 1968 - but only after 25,000 or so more US troops had been killed and many more Vietnamese. And yet we think Nixon and we think Watergate.

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