I went to the Sparta - APOEL Nicosia Champions League match yesterday (Sparta dudes won 2-1 and advance to the third round). I bought the cheapest ticket and ended up in one of the end sections with the rowdiest, loudest and out of control Sparta freaks in the whole stadium. It was really as if they stuck them all in one section and said, "do whatever you want, but stay here."

So I'm wondering how the nice young lady at the ticket window decided that's the one section out of the seven or eight she had in front of her where she would assign me. I have not hitherto been aware of any resemblance on my part to a rabid football fan.

There was no Sparta gear in evidence on my person. I wasn't draped in a player-autographed Sparta flag. I wasn't shouting out to nobody in particular, as indeed were many other people in line with me, "SPAR-TA, DO TO-HO!" over and over again.

I was, however, on my own. Is this suspicious? "I'll take one, please" relegates you to the freak-o section? Who knows. Maybe she detected a trace of a foreign accent when I spoke (amazing she could hear me at all with the din around there) and thought, "well, let's have some fun." Click.

[Here's another third round Champions League story of note - a little tiny Irish team whipped some Croatian ass and advanced yesterday (link via Daily Czech). Odd - what's a story like that doing getting picked up by the San Diego Union-Tribune?]

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