Not So Swift - John Kerry's dubious Vietnam revisionism. By Christopher?Hitchens: "The Democrats have made a rod for their own backs in uncritically applauding their candidate's ramrod-and-salute posture. They have also implicitly subverted one of the most important principles of the republic, which is civilian control over military decisions. And more than that, they have done something eye-rubbingly unprincipled, doing what Reagan and Kissinger could not do: rehabilitating the notion of the Vietnam horror as 'a noble cause.'"

And Maureen Dowd was on Letterman the other night (huh?). Asked to sum up Kerry, she came up with "lame". She meant that Kerry ought to be even more pissed off than he is. But it's the right word. I liked this: she said they're both stuck in the sixties, Kerry calling Bush a frat-boy draft dodger, and Bush calling Kerry a hippy USA bad-mouther. They should, she suggests, just settle the electon by having a drag race like in Rebel Without a Cause.

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