Czech TV showed a half hour program the other night about the making of Dark Side of the Moon. I didn't see it, but my wife did and reported the following subtitled exchange to me in gales of laughter:

(Waters is reporting a conversation with a friend or some such)

Q: Have you recently been violent?
A: Yes
Q: Were you in the right?
[subtitle: Byl jsi na pravo?] Means: Were you on the right? (As opposed to the left)
A: Yes. One of my friends had a big fight with his wife.
[subtitle: Ano. Jeden z mych pratel mel tezky let s manzelkou.] Means: A friend of mine had a difficult flight with his wife.
Q: And were you in the right?
[subtitle: A byl jsi na pravo?] Means: And were you on the right?
A: I was drunk. Haha.

Followed by furrowed brows and scratched chins of the viewers as they wondered what the hell that was all about.

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