Good Christ. I saw the first report of this and noted it. But two similar cases start to make things look genuine. | Media | Second Beslan reporter drugged

"Nana Lezhava, from Georgia's independent Rustavi-2 TV station, described how she slept for 24 hours after drinking coffee in a holding cell. She had been accused of violating visa rules.

Gela Lezhava, the head of the oversight board at a Georgian drug research institute, told a news conference that urine samples taken from the reporter showed traces of tranquillisers. He said he suspected that the journalist was drugged by the Russian authorities.

The revelation came two days after the renowned Russian investigative reporter Anna Politkovskaya claimed she had been drugged while on a flight to Beslan from Moscow.

She said she became drowsy after taking tea on the plane and woke up in hospital, where a nurse told her she had been drugged, but that the records had been destroyed."

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