I get a cold, and fall sets in. Come to think of it, that's probably what triggered it. I just didn't notice the change last week. After this past summer, I think there ought to be some more good weather still on account.

Things very quiet in this little blog community lately. What gives?

Here's a heart-warming story of my own: we recently bought a nice old wardrobe and a few assorted other small things from some people who were moving. A really good deal. Our mover guy shows up to pick up the stuff from the people and bring it over to our place. The lady says to our mover, oh, here are a number of other small things - you might as well take those as well. I.e. at no charge. The mover decides to interpret this instruction as a gift to him, rather than to the people (us) actually buying the furniture, and doesn't tell us anything about it. Isn't that charming?

Then: the key to the wardrobe doesn't work. It's a nice wardrobe to look at, and would be even nicer were it possible to open and put things in it. The owner claims there is no other key (I saw the fucking thing open when I first checked it out) and the locksmith consulted over the phone advises "shaking it around a lot to 'loosen' the lock." Which means "I don't really want to come out just to open up an old wardrobe." So very helpful - thanks, dickhead mover, thanks, previous owner, thanks, locksmith. You all have a real nice day.

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