I don't know what to say about this - other than read it immediately. Excuse me a minute, my mandible is still swinging down somewhere around my feet.

Can you believe the mentality? A Large British Daily decides to have a go at influencing the undecided voters in an Ohio county by organizing a massive letter writing campaign! Let's guess which candidate the letter writers are supporting. Grauniad leftie, meet Ohio undecided voter, name of Joe Sixpack. Imagine the chemistry.

The key to this I think is that two soused hacks came up with the bright idea in a pub. So many brilliant initiatives are launched this way. They are either clever moles from Bush's side, paid to pull off a stunt that would underline Kerry's foreign sissy pants nature, or are galactically, time-warpingly, fourth-dimension scale naive.

Here are some of the letters from concerned Grauniad readers. Read on if you dare.

Here are some of the responses from the undecided citizens of Ohio.

Here, three "prominent" Britons (two authors and a weedy academic) demonstrate their idea of how best to talk sense and reason into America's head. One of them, a writer of spy stories, is famous for having contended loudly, often and in print that Salman Rushdie had brought the famous fatwa on himself and would be personally responsible if anyone was harmed in bookstore bombings and the like. Twat.

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