I suppose this has been making the rounds but I haven't seen it. Lots of sad folks are apologizing to the world about the election result. Link via AIB.

Part of me says nuts to that and part says oh well, why not? Have a look at some of the submissions. "Sorry World! I won't wait four years to make it up to you!" (What the hell does that mean?)

There are some reverse commiserations as well.

A sample:

"On behalf of Bulgarian youth we accept your apologies and don't hate you (America) so much any much any more. We thought that McDonald's makes you stupid but we were wrong, sorry."

"If England could vote then Kerry would of (sic) won by a landslide!"

"We still love you!!! We are sorry for not having been allowed to vote :-(. Lyon, France"

"We're Canadian and we're always mistaken for Americans when we travel. But until we can explain we're not Republicans, Sorry everybody!"

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