Oh for crying out loud.

The headline: "A day that will decide the fate of the world". A little OrsonWellsonian.

Then the lead-in: "For once, the cliché is no lie. Today America goes to vote in what is arguably the most important single election of modern times."

Look, Sunshine, if the fate of the world is at stake, then there is no argument. If there's an argument, then the fate of the world bit is you trying to sell some more f*ing papers, all right?

Inevitably you have to drill down a bit to find some traces of actual breathable oxygen. "It is possible to argue that, in the foreign policy field, the differences between the two candidates are of style rather than substance. Yet, this year, style is everything. We are talking of how America is perceived in the world."

We've gone from a Cuban missile crisis headline straight to "well, ok, they aren't really that different." And on foreign policy no less, which is what rather accounts for the interest of the rest of the world.

So for the Independent substance counts for nothing and "style is everything" in this Election of Elections. Let's retitle the article "A day that will decide the fate of the world's style". Just as meaningful.

Steve | 14:33 |