Ohhkaaay, she's leaving:
Freud stayed in Vienna until Hitler had completely taken over the country, but I don't want to be wrong about when it's time to leave. My fear is that I won't know when to get out.

We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast on planet earth.

Seriously, you just know that 99 out of 100 of these characters won't go, or will return quietly in three months. I have several good friends in the states who are upset about the election, and I also know them well enough to know that they simply could not live outside the US.

There's a line from Annie Hall where Diane Keaton wonders how she'd hold up under interrogation. Woody Allen points out that she'd break the moment they took away her Bloomingdale's card. As Doug noted a few days ago, there is a small issue of the exchange rate. I'd add that if you told people how much gasoline really costs here, that would take care of a number of them right there. And teaching English or working in a bar are not long term career options for most of the would be exiles.

[p.s. First time anybody runs into a Dubya exile who's landed here in Prague, I want to hear about it. Think of the wagers.]

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