Polls, obviously, should be banned from publication. Or at least within several days of the election. Clamp down! You know there are people out there who make up their puny minds by watching the exit polls just before going to vote.

Today a Czech friend asked me how it was possible the US allows early publication of actual results, i.e. like those from Toeville, or Dickburg NH, or where ever they vote at 12:01 a.m. just to be different. Our famously low voter turnouts in the past have in part been caused by people not bothering to vote when some network or other called the election early on. Make it a felony offense? Muzzle them! (Sounds bad, ed.)

And what's the deal with Florida? I've seen and heard enough reports of how the "world's greatest democracy" can't hold an election. It's embarrassing already!

As you can see, I'm still trying to talk myself out of staying up to watch.

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