Pestiside Presents the Worst of Budapest - Part I

Link is via Matt Welch. This is a must have section for the new Prague city blog that is supposedly in the works. The worst of Prague! I'm all over that like hair on a dog.

I also plan to suggest a section called Golden Prague Eyesores/Cancres/Pustules or similar in which the buildings you don't see in coffee table books get a little of the publicity they deserve.

First on my list no doubt is in a lot of coffee table books, but nonetheless deserves much scorn. This is the so-called "Dancing building" or "Fred and Ginger" building, take your pick. However you call it, I would award it the distinction for "Prague building most easily confused with a carefully preserved WWII bomb site". It's only about ten years old, and the ridiculous flimsy aluminum scraps and wires pasted all over the outside look like 180 attempts to improvise a TV antenna that will finally pick up the freaking signal.

There are so many others that need to be photographed and held up in shame. I am hoping Jezisek leaves a digital camera in my sock...

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