As the Czechs would say: "Kalamita!" Snow in Washington, DC this morning! pragueBlog readers know I used to live there and like to reminisce about snowstorms of yore.

It all boils down to this: want to bring the capital city of the world's greatest superpower to its knees? Arrange for it to snow more than two inches at once on a weekday.

General panic and neurotic hoard-shopping ensue. And everybody stays home.

This morning in the DC area hundreds of schools are closed. I thought, "that's a lot of schools." The list of the more than 300 closures currently reported includes whole school districts. That's the fear of liability lawsuits at work.

Look at some of the interesting names on the list of DC area closures today:

  • Academy for Ideal Education (starts with an A, is ideal. Competition over before it begins.)
  • Al-Huda School
  • Beauvoir School (in the UK that would be pronounced "Beaver")
  • British School (maybe they pronounce it that way at the British School)
  • Bible Babies Child Dev. Center
  • Cesar Chavez Public Charter High School (interesting)
  • Chas. E. Smith Day (the whole day is cancelled?)
  • Clinton Christian School ("Loose, modern day interpretations of ethical teachings")
  • Congressional Schools of VA (WTF - Congress has its own schools??)
  • Dreams and Visions Christian Learning Center ("Training tomorrow's Prophets today")
  • Expect 3-6" of Snow in DC Metro Area (from the list of "School closures". Note to webmaster: name of a school?)
  • Fauquier County Schools (which is in Virginia, and I think pronounced in the local dialect sounds something like "fuckin-Ayer". Which in turn reminds me that many older residents of Vienna, Virginia - a few miles outside of DC - still pronounce it "Vie-ENna".)
  • Federal Government - "open, but subject to change" (late news: a reprieve)
  • Firm Foundation Center
  • First Rock Baptist School ("All Classic School of Bapist Rock")
  • Fourth Presbyterian School (first, second and third still open I guess)
  • From the Heart Christian School
  • Geneva Day School (it's a very international city)
  • Hair Academy
  • It Takes a Village Childcare (not making this up)
  • Khadijah Academy for Girls
  • Lab School of Washington (dogs get the day off, too)
  • Latin Am. Montessori Bilingual Pub. Charter School (your guess as good as mine)
  • Little Elves Preschool (I like to think it's a misprint and it's really "Little Elvis Preschool")
  • Marine Corps-Quantico - "Open, Code Green" (mysterious)
  • Matthew's Center for Visual Learning (closed due to reduced visibility)
  • Muhammad University of Islam
  • St. Alban's School (bunch of rich toffs; Al Gore went there)
  • The Arc of D.C. (Just strange, really)
  • That's enough. I do hope all the kids enjoy their snow day. Used to like those, myself.

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