Word for the day: Distrainers seize entrepreneur Vaclav Fischer's property.

Surely, thought I, this is one of those linguistic accidents that happen along Highway Translation from time to time. Translator had a deadline, gave it a shot and hoped for the best.

Whoever heard the word "distrainer"? What's that - a kitchen implement? A de-educationalist? Somebody getting of the Vienna Express?

So I was wrong. But then I ain't a lawyer. Whatever it is, it certainly doesn't sound likely to be a cheerful, uplifting occupation whose practitioners spread sweetness and light. Whatever you are doing, Distrainer-person, whomever you are doing it to undoubtedly wishes you weren't.

As in "...well-informed source [said] that distrainers arrived in entrepreneur Vaclav Fischer's apartment in Prague's Zlatnicka street early in the morning and started making out a list of Fischer's assets." And you don't want that.

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