First read Doug's round-up of weirdness in Czech politics over the past few days and how no-level-too-low Prime Minister Gross is scrabbling around kissing communist ass to stay in office just that little bit longer.

Then see today's headlines around the national press:

"Komunisté zachrání Grossovu vládu - Communists save Gross government"
(Pravo - former official organ of the Communist party in the good old days. See the photo of Gross looking dazed and head commie Grebenicek looking like Sylvester after a meal of Tweetie-bird.)

"Gross tlačí komunisty k moci - Gross thrusts communists toward power"
(Lidové noviny)

"Grebeníček vzkřísil Grossovu naději - Grebenicek resurrects Gross' hopes"
(MF Ddnes - you could translate "vzkřísit" a number of ways such as "revive" or "resuscitate". Even "raise from the dead". That or "resurrection" I like better since we have just had Easter.)

How bout them apples? If all goes well the commies will be celebrating their best May Day for years. Think of the rivers of slivovice sluicing down their throats, the toasts, the EU-sized mountains of grilled sausage gurgling into their gullets. In the true spirit of the thing.

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