Well put, IMHO:
What is rather less welcome is the willingness to take credit for results which could not have come about without the course of action you opposed, while simultaneously denying credit to those who actually pursued and implemented that course of action - above all George Bush and Tony Blair - as well as anyone who supported it. This is a kind of costless, take-responsibility-for-nothing attitudinizing, a gesture politics impressive only by its moral weightlessness. It is rather like the following: I oppose taking an extended holiday in New York, because I am terrified of flying, the only practical option in the circumstances (for whatever reason); and even though I know that I would enjoy it once I was there. Then, having been bullied by my holiday companion into going, and suffering unspeakable torments in transit for which I do not stop blaming her, I profess that I have never been opposed to the holiday and I feel thoroughly vindicated by it. She, on the other hand (I also maintain) has had little or nothing to do with the success of the holiday, though she sure as hell is responsible for my frightening journey.

From Normblog, worth reading.

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