2005-04-22 - Insurgents claim to kill crash survivor - Apr 22, 2005: "The video zooms out, showing the man in the middle of the frame, and then the cameraman gives the order to shoot. The victim turns toward his killer and shots are fired, bullets strike him repeatedly, even after he falls to the ground.

'We are applying God's law,' a voice says in Arabic.
Before he is shot to death, the man tells insurgents, 'My leg is broken,' but he is forced to stand."


I just watched a recent Thomas Friedman documentary (recorded on US television) about European attitudes to the US since September 11. In one discussion with the leading French anti-war group he asks them what they think about the many murders of Iraqi security forces and foreign civilian workers by the insurgents. They answer very firmly, "these people are collaboraters. They collaborate with the foreign occupiers and therefore are legitimate targets."

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