A funny bit of reportage from Norman Geras inside the World Bank - specifically the opulent latrines.

I know of what he speaks. A long time ago and far far away my first job in D.C. was a brief internship at the august institution. The famous subsidized canteen (top notch food, real cheap), the receptions with tables groaning under the weight of heaped platters of every hooved, winged and finned animal, the many amenities and benefits of membership - these were the things that made an impression on a young person just arrived. Of course I had no benefits, but they are famous. The standard joke was that once you get a staff job at the World Bank or IMF (across the street), you'll only leave when they have to carry you out.

I'm sure the pay is good, but it's the interesting add-ons like fully paid fees for your kiddies at whatever private school they can get into that make it a true wheeze. If you are from a foreign country, the bank pays for you and your whole brood to return home for a visit every two years. All that and housing allowances and I forget what else certainly makes saving the world from poverty one of the cushiest jobs in town.

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