George Galloway's innocence in taking bribes was *not* established last year in the Telegraph case. The judge went to the trouble I believe of making the distinction.

Which is why this this latest report didn't make much impression on me at first, since I have assumed he was probably dirty from the get go. However, let the charges be brought and let him defend himself as is proper.

CNN has been showing that video of Galloway gushingly shaking hands with Saddam Hussein. He glows, he exudes, he locks eyes with Saddam and comes striding forward with a gleaming smile to clasp his hand firmly. The admiration and the fawning are unmistakeable. "Sir, I salute you...."

During the recent campaign he had a snappy line whenever anybody reminded him of his meetings and dealings with Saddam. In his low-life GLasgow accent he'd say, "Look, [ya poofy bastid] I met him twice, the same as Donald Rumsfeld, alright?" So, what - you're no better or no worse than Rumsfeld?

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