Jonathan Steele: "Under Polish and, to a lesser extent, Czech pleading, Bill Clinton regrettably changed the line."

The line referred to was the immediate post cold war flirtation with "building friendly relations" with Moscow. Bill wanted to flirt with Boris, but the President of the United States' foreign policy inclinations were overwhelmed by "pleading" Poles and Czechs who convinced him once a Russian always a Russian and forced him to expand Nato.

He means it! Lots of other disconnected ramblings follow as part of a longer piece on the 60th anniversary of the war's end, in which we westerners are scolded for our lack of gratitude to the Soviets for their heavy-lifting in the defeat of Germany. And by the way, life under Stalin et al wasn't as bad as Nazi rule. I prefer neither, thank you.

Speaking of the 60th anniversary, there are several events around Prague this weekend commemorating the scenes of the actual last battles of the war right here. I plan to check out at least the Letna parade.

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