The End of Europe: "It's hard to be a great power if your population is shriveling."

I know there are people out there for whom phrases like "the end of Europe" are as a red cloth to a bull. Let's further the animal allusions by pointing out that the demographic decline in Europe is probably the mastadon in the room that everybody is pretending not to notice. This article (Samuelson) is basically saying: 'the constitution was never going to solve Europe's basic problem - in fifty years the continent will resemble a gigantic old folks' home.'

Then I remembered that the communists were pretty successful in encouraging people to produce offspring in this country during the 70s. You got extra state benefit for each new sprog and maminka got to stay home for three years on paid maternity leave. What's not to like. Plus, there wasn't much else to do during that time of 'normalization' after 1968, and perhaps most important of all, I have the impression that in those days birth control was basically considered naff, as they'd say in Britain.

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