I don't have words to express the contempt I feel in all regards for Jacques Chirac, but maybe these will help:

"Then, in a dramatic 11th-hour gesture, the Polish Prime Minister, Marek Belka, and his Czech counterpart, Jiri Paroubek, led a group of former Communist nations in offering to forgo some of their countries' cash in the interests of a deal.

That was the cue for the French President, Jacques Chirac, to launch one of the most furious verbal volleys in EU history. Britain's stance, he said, was 'pathetic and tragic', before thundering: 'This will change Europe.' Warming to his theme, Mr Chirac added: 'I ask myself what will be the dignity of those that have said 'no' when the poor member states say at the same time that they want to make sacrifices.'"

I ask myself what is the dignity of a man who tries to deflect attention from his refusal to sacrifice a cent of his grotesque agricultural subsidies by complaining about Britain's holding to its at least defensible rebate.

Also note how Chirac endears himself further to those new member countries for whom his advice once was "shut up" by calling them "poor states". Homme charmant.

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