The Sun the other day had a headline something like "What the hell is happening to this country?" over a story about a British girl who was shot in the leg and then photographed with a cell phone for fun.

What is happening is called dementia. University teacher unions score a tremendous own goal by voting to boycott two Israeli universities "on principle". That was a good one. What about Manchester United? The whole country denounces the evil Glazer's takeover. Poor little football club. Which is also one of the best subscribed issues on the London Stock Exchange, the best known soccer brand in the world and a consistent powerhouse. Did anybody blame the majority owners for selling? (Shh.. don't mention that they were also foreigners.) Then there was the general election in which a once proud nation sends George Galloway to Parliament while simultaneously and most pathetically wringing its hands over whether their consciences will support a vote for Blair. (I.e., the war).

And now the Religious Hatred Act. The bill says that from now on you will be nice to religions, do you hear, and that goes for all of them including the Satanists down the road and Tom Cruise and his Scientologists. Zoroastrians, Rastafarians, Stoics too. And all the rest of the village witch doctors and voodoo artists.

Are you a person particularly sensitive to insult? Why not found your own religion and receive protection under the law?

As for me, now hear this - I hereby gratuitously insult all religions and religious groups without exception. I mean I really, really insult them. Just very bad insults indeed, extremely rude and disrespectful, if you know what I mean. Now come and get me, Mr. Crown Prosecutor.

Steve | 09:37 |