The BBC's FiveLive has a lively discussion forum going entitled On detesting Lance Armstrong.

The question before the forum is: "Do you think people dislike Armstrong because he imposes his will on the Tour de France in much the same way as the less athletic Texan in Washington tries to impose his will on the world?"

Imposing one's will has a nice ring to it. "And now a summary of today's results: Arsenal imposed its will over Chelsea two goals to nil...."

One fellow relates the following explanation for Lance-ophobia in France: "According to him, the reason the French don't like Armstrong is that he's too ... Jewish. Not in terms of his personal beliefs, but rather in terms of what many Europeans perceive as stereotypical traits.
He works himself to the bone, is quite candid about his ambition, is more interested in winning than in 'panache', and is unusually shrewd in his competitive strategizing."

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