I know I'm out of it these days. I often hear names of bands I can't place or claim to have heard a note of their music. I'm boring. When other people are streaming edgy new sounds from the web, I'm streaming Mozart piano pieces because I find it calming.

Earier today I came across the Live 8 concert from Hyde Park. Coldplay were on. Did I say I was boring? You want boring, check out those sleepy guys. Pheewww. And as for the lead singer (Chris something): I know you don't have to have a conservatory trained voice to sing rock and roll. Look at Bruce. Can't carry a tune in a bucket. But you don't expect note perfect singing from a rock star. You do expect, however, that the vocalist will sing at least in the same key in which his bandmates are playing. Or that a little feeling is displayed. I understand this group is "hot" in the UK. Hot as a cadaver.

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