Some of the commentary around this weekend's mega-concerts and shouting fests featuring rock stars on stages yelling "revolution" and "justice" with their fists in the air, discussed something a little quieter going on. Many actual real live African leaders and other Important People were interviewed. They said: well, this debt cancellation is fine. Yes, it will help. But please understand that things are *never* really going to change until you in the developed world stop protecting us out of the agricultural markets we need to access to start building sustained growth.

Interesting to compare therefore the amount of coverage today about Bush's declining to make a "Kyoto-style" agreement on climate change (note that China isn't even a member of the G8) with the lack of coverage of an interesting offer Bush is making to the EU: "I'll drop farming subsidies if EU does the same, says Bush".

Would you be able to have a Live-something event around the rallying cry of free trade? If we speak about injustices, what are trade barriers that keep French farmers comfortable and their photogenic farms prosperous while keeping out African goods?

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