BBC: Tingo, nakkele and other wonders: "The word uitwaaien is Dutch for walking in windy weather for fun."

You could see several macho TV reporters Friday and Saturday doing the uitwaaien with Rita while doing us the service of proving that, yes, the wind in a hurricane blows really, really hard.

See the article about the book, The Meaning of Tingo, for many more words for which no English equivalent exists. For instance, "...there's die beleidigte Leberwurst spielen - to stick one's lower lip out in a sulk (literally, to play the insulted liver sausage)." While pondering this, are there any nominations for one or two of the more interesting Czech words for which no English term will do?

How about "Svejkovani"? Which I interpret as deviously circumventing or undermining your boss's or supervisor's (or any authority figure's) wishes while appearing angelically innocent and even rather simple, in the manner of the Good Soldier Svejk.

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