Sparta Prague 0-2 Arsenal: "[Thierry] Henry was called into action after a lengthy injury just 15 minutes in to replace Jose Reyes and he soon fired Arsenal ahead with a delightful effort."

I saw it from up behind the opposite goal - yes, it was a pretty smooth move. When he moves around he actually looks slippery, kind of fish-like. The second goal he sliced in under a defender and over the leg of the keeper while shimmying past and off balance away from the angle of the shot.

A girl next to me kept calling out in Czech, "Thierry, Thierry, over here, come on, come here!" And she was a Sparta fan.

Arsenal passed and headed like the Harlem Globetrotters play basketball. In a Globetrotters game there's always a point at which they launch into their razzle-dazzle passing routine and the other team says the hell with that and just lets them get on with it. For a while it seemed like that last night.

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