China Resolves a Water Crisis, Then Pivots to an Earthquake - New York Times

How do figure "resolved"? I think the people of Khabarovsk in Siberia will beg to differ. They get the full dose of the spill over the next few days (see here). Not only will it shut down their drinking water, but the whole city is heated by those scary gigantic steam heat plants that charge their systems from the river. According to the tv report I saw, it means the heating system will be shut down for days. At this time of year the temp reaches -10C during the day and goes back to -20C at night. If somebody isn't moving containers-full of electric heaters there right now they should be. I just finished reading the book In Siberia which talks about Khabarovsk and many other places and gave me a chill for three days. Reading this story made me cold all over again.

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