Test: "Would you pass the UK citizenship test?"

The questions seem a little restricted it's mostly about Parliament. It isn't the full test; on the news I saw woman reporter asking some of the other brain ticklers to random people on the streets and flummoxing most of them. Things like,

What is the correct number to dial in an emergency?
What is standard voltage in a UK home?

The story line is that the quiz is too difficult for would be citizens. I.e., "Ministers insisted yesterday that the new "citizenship test" will not be so tough that it discourages people from applying for a passport. That is all very well, retorted citizenship teachers, but some of the questions are so hard even they were lost for an answer."

But had you prepared for it? I probably got a reasonable score on my driving test. That was a long time ago and if somebody stopped me on the street with a surprise multiple choice driving quiz I might wish I had time to study the manual in advance.

Perhaps the new citizenship test will be administered without warning, sort of like surprise dope testing. You come home from Sainsbury's loaded down or from the pub and there are two officials from the Immigration Bureau waiting for you with impatient expressions and a clipboard ready to pepper you with questions about Parliament.

In that case I could concede the objection.

Here is another of the questions that caused the teachers to twitch with stress: which kind of court uses juries - magistrates, crown, youth or county?

I knew the answer to that - because I have read all of the Rumpole of the Bailey novels!

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