It's always the telling detail that counts. On Nobel Genius Harold Pinter (by Johann Hari): "I once tried to discuss his defence of Milosevic with him and he began to scream – literally scream – at me."

This crowd and its acolytes have that sort of shrill side. It reminds me of the tone of the fellow who responded to a comment of mine about Noam Chomsky on some thread or other by suggesting, "Chomsky is a worth two thousand of you!!!!!!!" I could quite easily imagine the high-pitched shriek he intended, it seemed to match the sentiment so. And I was prepared to admit the comparison since I assume his books, which have been in print for about 40 years, have sold a few copies. I've been living in eastern Europe for a while, and I wouldn't be shaken at all to discover that my worth was one-two thousandth that of Chomsky's. But amidst the distressed bleating from the far left side of that discussion list, I missed the substantive reply to the, you know, point I was making at the time which as I remember wasn't about net-worth. You make a point and all you get back is noise.

I mentioned the Noam because he and Pinter have in common this odd sympathy for Slobodon Milosevic. Pinter is a member of a committee called Friends of Milosevic
which says Slobo is innocent and is "the strongest pillar of peace and stability in this region." The real war criminals are Blair and Clinton, etc. Noam seems to say and has indicated before a couple of times that he thinks there was no massacre as such in Srebenica and that Milosevic got a raw deal. The real war criminals are etc. See Oliver Kamm who is deeply delving into an interesting froth developing over an interview the Noam gave to the Graundiad.

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