The Prague Post Online: "Before the Nov. 16 home leg of the crucial playoff encounter with Norway - the game that clinched a Czech World Cup berth - CMFS received a quarter of a million ticket requests, and the available 20,000 tickets to Prague's Toyota Arena sold out in just one minute on the Internet."

Shazzam. I did not know that. The odds of getting a ticket for the finals legally at this stage are similar to lottery odds. By participating in the whole process you help create employment but waste your own time and having to scalp anyway. According to my consultant on these matters, lasering the names of the ticket holders onto the tickets is a ruse. They won't check IDs too closely at the gates because shutting down the black market would mean lotsa empty seats especially in the first round. Of course, the opener between the Czech boys and the US has to be in some place called Gelsenkirchen which is so far over on the other side of Germany it's practically in the north sea.

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