This guy the Big Pharaoh's all right:

"I had a few minutes to spare during my working day today. I thought it would be a good idea to read Noam Chomsky's interview with Egyptian blogger Karim Elsahy who was interviewing the professor on behalf of Egypt Today magazine. I started reading and reached the sentence where Chomsky said:

'I mean the level of religious fundamentalism in the United States is beyond any country I know.'

That's when I laughed so hard, stopped reading, and went back to my boring excel sheet!"

Michael Totten spent time recently with the Pharaoh in Cairo.

I think what's needed is a Senior Club of High Worth Minds, charter membership consisting of people like Noam and Harold Pinter and the other eminences grises of the "US the Real Terrorists" school. There they can one-up each other till the cows come home, gesturing forcefully with canes and walking frames.

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