BBC: Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri told his followers it was their "religious duty to kill" non-Muslims, jurors heard as his trial began at the Old Bailey.

The BBC World report I saw a few minutes ago showed a bunch of his chanting groupies outside court carrying signs that said, "Democracy is hyprocrisy!" and (my favorite), "Freedom go to hell!".

Update - one further thought. No doubt the fellow holding the sign "Democracy is hypocrisy" is opining that the fat bearded Abu Hamza is capriciously being denied his right to simply speak freely in urging fellow Muslims to kill non-believers. So it seems there are some aspects to democracy he likes. I have no doubt either that the fellow supports passage of the religious hatred law in Parliament that would punish anyone disparaging a religion (including joking about it), but that the Democracy is hypocrisy signs would be up and waving the moment any of his own crowd gets pinched for reciting from their usual script about Christians and Jews. Funny old world.

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