Capitol Hill's restaurants are empty! According to Slate: "In other Abramoff fallout, the LAT gathers several examples of how lawmakers and their staff in Washington are more reluctant to be seen talking to, or accepting any gifts from, lobbyists. Restaurants around Capitol Hill are empty as politicians and their staff are even refusing lunch invitations."

My old stomping ground. My group of reprobate friends and I would have been all over this. We'd be sitting around tables in our rarely worn suits loudly offering each other bribes right about now, hoping to attract the attention of some reporter. Anyway, these places could use a rest from staffers. Once, sitting in Bullfeathers (sort of over there behind the House office buildings), a fortyish dweeb in a power tie walked over to my table, picked up my freshly opened Heineikin and said, "that's my beer, you dickhead", and walked off with it. Are you that type of person? Seek a career on Capitol Hill.

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