See the comments in the previous post for arguments defending the Archbishop. (I'm not persuaded.) In the meantime, hats off to the Czech ambassador to Islamabad Alexandr Langer, who sets a more admirable example. The Pakistani foreign minister called in nine European ambassadors, including the Czech, for a scolding because newspapers in their own countries had reproduced one or more of the cartoons. One would like to ask the minister: are you under the impression that things in Europe work the way they do in Pakistan?

"The ambassador, Alexandr Langer, replied with arguments that we have often heard in Europe over recent days, saying that we cannot apologise for freedom of the press. He also pointed to the sensitivity of this issue in the Czech Republic, which suffered fifty years of press censorship."

Phrase of the day: "We cannot apologise for the freedom of the press."
Stand up guy of the day: Ambassador Alexandr Langer.

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