Still hunting witches in Massachussetts: So long then, Larry Summers. All that flak he took for asking direct questions until now was for me just another horror show among many. But I distinctly remember thinking that the hysteria against him, even though we are talking about US academic luvvies here, was pretty shrill. I mean, let the heckling fit the case. Some lively and spirited discussion, sure. I don't know if you followed this at all, but it seemed like three quarters of the harvard faculty would have signed up for the firing squad. How come so strict?

Now I know (same article): "'s true as well that Summers disliked what he considered the ideological slant of much contemporary scholarship and prevented a number of scholars whose views he found faddish from gaining tenure." Whoops! That will put a scare up the faculty. Somebody should have told him. He's lucky to get away alive.

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