"I get chatting to a Dutchman who until recently guarded Milosevic in prison. He says he was good company, polite and well behaved. But he says the climax to his career as prison guard would have been to lock the door on Bush and Blair.

He says they have killed more people than Milosevic ever did. And he's deadly serious."

A Dutch prison guard, talking with the BBC's Mark Mardell, about the "real terrorists". Is there something ironic about a Dutchman deflecting attention from one of the Serb leaders most responsible for Srebrenica?

I wonder if the deadly serious guard is keeping score. I wonder if intent matters, as in "who started it", to him. Anyway, if you look around it's interesting what you can find:

"The Yugoslav wars ended with much of the former Yugoslavia reduced to poverty, with massive economic disruption and persistent instability across the territories where the worst fighting occurred. The wars were the bloodiest conflicts on European soil since the end of World War II, resulting in an estimated 300,000 deaths and millions more driven from their homes. They were also the first conflicts since World War II to have been formally judged genocidal in character and many of the key individual participants were subsequently charged with war crimes."

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