Some woman in the UK got herself fined for applying makeup while driving along a highway through a accident black-spot. Police camera, photo, court appearance followed. She has become famous, in a way most wouldn't choose for their 15 minutes. How embarrassing.

Musing here from the Guardian on the more high-tech distractions we face: "As if the present lot of distractions weren't enough, new technology - such as satellite navigation, with its animated maps, prissy tones and a tendency to try to guide you everywhere via the Isle of Wight - is coming down the pike all the time. "Or DVD players, for instance," says Vincent. 'They should be in the back, but we've had a case - I think it was the prosecution of a lorry driver - who was watching soaps in his cab.'"

Back in my DC days, I took a taxi across town once in which the driver was watching soaps on a tv mounted up on the dashboard. I remember thinking, "that can't be right."

Last year travelling to Warsaw at night along a windy road in wintery conditions I looked over at the guy driving. He had a cig in his mouth and was holding two mobile phones, one in each hand, texting with one while looking up a number on the other, manipulating the steering wheel, just, with his forearms. I'm not perfect but I had to take exception to that.

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