Founder of Greenpeace on why need nuclear power. (You have to register - it's the WaPo).

Popular myths dispelled, argument clearly stated. Should you have tired of hunting up Easter eggs or weaving your willow switch in preparation for tomorrow's ritual, read the article. He is right.

Czech tv decided to broadcast The Passion of the Christ on Friday. I came across it by accident and saw the last fifteen minutes. What I noticed: the centurions gambling away up on Calvary while Jesus hangs on the cross looked exactly like the same guys who played the same parts in all the 1950s Hollywood pictures starring Charlon Heston and Steve Reese and such. These are the bit players who don't get speaking parts because if they opened their mouths it would come out, "hey mac, give him some a dat wadduh wid dat sponge." Even in Aramaic. So they use sign language. I also realized that one can never, ever watch a dramatic recreation of these events and not think of The Life of Brian. It's like what Spinal Tap did for rock group documentaries. I wonder if there's a word or expression for these genre-killing spoofs - something that comes along and engraves in your mind an ever-lasting association between all Roman emperors and Michael Palin saying, "Welease Wodewick!"

To celebrate Easter, here's the story of the film's release in the UK and US. I guess things don't change that much. Some people have no sense of humor.

Finally, on Friday we saw a nice little play at Archa called "Chat - Dangerously Easy Liasons". The plot involves two people who meet and flirt in a chat room. There's more to it than that, and I thought it was fiendishly clever. It's on again May 25th.

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