I received the following invitation today:

"Dear Reader,

I'd like to send you a FREE copy of a unique and invaluable report.

It's called How to Retire to Paradise For $19 a Day. And it tells you about the best places in the world for retirement living.

In one of the places detailed in this report, gentle sea breezes keep the climate nearly perfect, with mild temperatures year-round.

You'll find cliffs, hidden coves with secluded beaches, rolling hills, and high mountains nearby dotted with picturesque villages.

Kalashnikov-toting guerilla soldiers on patrol add to the colorful background, and when running street battles and firefights engulf your neighborhood just sit back and enjoy the fun. You'll love the wonderful sense of humor of local government officials on their regular visits to shake you down."

So maybe that last part I added. Whither the American Dream if now you have to offshore your retirement to Haiti just to make ends meet? I understand places like Congo are quite idyllic in places. They're also full of land mines. I don't know, getting Bob and Betty Thompson from Long Island to retire in "paradise" sounds like a stretch. I also think the events of the past few years may have created some unfortunate associations in peoples' minds with the word paradise, don't you? They might want to re-think that.

Steve | 17:58 |