Dangerous woman subdued by valiant cop

KateĊ™ina Jacques is a Green Party candidate for Parliament and head of human rights section in the government's cabinet office. Yesterday she attended an anti-neo-nazi demo in Prague apparently near where a neo-nazi rally was happening. Some cops told her and a few others to beat it, sort of a "move along, tootsie, nothing to see here."

Here's what happened next according to what I've heard:

- Ms Jacques pointed out that her group of anti-nazis weren't the ones yelling fascist slogans, pal
- Cop responds by pushing her to the ground
- She suggests to the cop that he is exceeding his authority, buster
- She is arrested, thrown into a police van, taken to a station where our man in uniform takes her to a room with no security cameras and proceeds to punch, slap and throw her against walls and then tie her to a metal bar. Brave cop!


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