Europe's most repellant food

Czech Republic:

A typical Czech plateful consists of great slabs of greyish flesh slathered with fatty, tasteless gravy, mopped up with dumplings that taste like kitchen roll dipped in egg.

Yah. The good news is that it's worse in Iceland. And that if you've got the time and are so inclined you just shop around and cook for yourself. And if you have the dough you eat out.

I don't know if you read James Lileks occasionally? I have used the Meat Meat Meat section of his Gallery of Regrettable Food to do a little visual test in the past (and may have mentioned this before).

First, look through all the pictures. You should experience an intense desire never to see another piece of meat, cooked or uncooked, again. Second, show the slides to someone local. Third, note the difference. I usually get, "yeah, so?" or "Mm. Nice."

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