I added Edward Lucas, Economist correspondent for central and eastern Europe, to my small blogroll. I am really enjoying his stuff. He wrote the survey of Poland that was published in a recent issue and his comments section got a bit lively when a few Poles with thin skins and diarrhea of the mouth (or keyboard?) went on the attack. In particular see the impassioned and breathtakingly moronic ramblings of a Polish academic who claims it is impossible for any English speaker to learn more than basic Polish or to understand *anything* about the society.

It used to be rather common to have to endure the same patronizing and silly little speech about how it is impossible for foreigners to learn Czech. I have actually had that explained to me in Czech. But it's been a long time since I've encountered it. Czechs may be a bit more open-minded in this than Poles.

The piece about cheating in Polish schools is highly recommended. Some Polish textbook publishers actually include cheat sheets with their books, ready to simply snip out, fold up and sneak into your exam. How thoughtful.

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