Kids in France and Germany are getting a new history textbook. On the contrast between the EU and the US:

"Through its willingness to co-operate with the Third World, its attachment to multilateralism, its dialogue with other regions, the EU appears as a model on the international scene," it says.

Cooperating with the Third World on EU agricultural subsidies, they mean?

By contrast, modern American unilateralism "enshrined by George W. Bush is widely criticised throughout the world", it says.

They missed a chance to shut up? Interestingly, this new book starts in 1945, "...a convenient date that enables the authors to focus on 'memories' of the Second World War rather than its causes."

Among the questions for class discussion:

Which country dominates the world’s music market? What are the consequences of this situation?

Describe and explain the American preponderance over world cinema. Which countries resist this domination? Why?

What consequences? France the only nation on earth nostalgic for the days of Maurice Chevalier, global popstar.

Why resist? Exactly, resistance is futile. When you're the type of country that can't get enough American culture to shove down your throats as it is, you're only hurting yourselves.

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