Architectural rant for Friday, re this, via the Monitor.

As we all know, the main train station is supposed to undergo a modernization to bring it more in line with western European stations - places where people actually want to go rather than avoid. But did you know that the Italian company chosen for the job (what is it with the Czechs choosing Italians for flagship projects?) has to by law get agreement from the original architects on all their proposed changes?

The current main buildings are from the 70s. So - you are a Czech architect, getting on in years, a product of the genius of Communist architectural thinking of the normalization period. Now you are supposed to approve of what some fancy, young Italian architect wants to do to your baby. Alena Sramkova is the architect with the veto power. How does she feel about the beautiful main station building she helped lag-bolt on to the old one in the 70s? "I would like to see it listed among sights of historical interests," she says, "We should protect the architecture of 60s and 70s." Who's betting on anything ever happening?

Well, now, Alena has a website. Judge her "projects and realisations" yourself. But isn't it interesting that her baby the train station is decidedly missing from her reference list? In fact, there seems to be only one pre-1989 date on the whole website. Maybe not so proud, after all?

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